Catherine Featherston

Multimedia Journalist

Berlin, Germany

Catherine Featherston

I am a journalist with experience writing and reporting for print, interactive media and broadcast news.


Polish right wing yearns for policies of Eastern Bloc

A bridge across the Oder River connects Frankfurt an der Oder in Germany and Slubice in Poland, but the differences between these sister cities are clearly visible. On the German side, buildings are renovated; in Slubice, paint peels on storefronts that have not been freshened in decades. It’s in towns like these, far from wealthy metropolises like Warsaw and Krakow, where residents complain about being left out of Poland’s post-communist economic success.
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Asia-Pacific sales drive Merck KGaA's Q3 pharma sales, Rebif stabilises

Merck KGaA on Thursday reported a 1.4% rise in third quarter healthcare sales to 1.7 billion euros on organic growth in AsiaPacific, while previously falling sales of Rebif (interferon) stabilised.
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German pharma execs see benefits from U.S. EU trade talks, but stress importance of confidentiality

Germany's three biggest pharmas have welcomed potential changes in drug regulation via the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), seeing advantages in paediatric medicine and the reduction of R&D costs, but warning that confidential information must be protected.
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Pharma, payers begin talks over Germany's AMNOG drug pricing law

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Turning point in generics 'price war' could come soon, prices set to rise German market analysts

German statutory insurers have pushed generics prices down as far as they can go and are now facing a potential rise in the cost of these drugs just as they are feeling financial pressure for the first time in several years, experts have said.
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Exposed: IRS Is Colluding With Banks To Unfairly Target U.S. Citizens Abroad

Until she divulged her husband’s financial records to the IRS three years ago, Genette Eysselinck was a proud American, born on an Army base in North Carolina, and living in a small city in southern France. Then, Eysselinck, 66, was trying to comply with U.S. tax law requiring her to provide bank account numbers and balances for her and her spouse – a Belgian citizen – who lay in the hospital recovering from vascular surgery.

Speculation about Mandela’s fate seen as cultural taboo

 Will native son and national hero Nelson Mandela survive his latest bout with illness? That is the single question dominating headlines, speeches, Twitter and conversation throughout South Africa. It’s an unusual situation in a country where death is an off-limits topic due to local culture. But as locals brace themselves, anxious and hopeful, they remain stoic and protective, insisting on Mandela’s privacy as he battles a lung infection.
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'Wanted': Nazi hunters track war criminals in Germany

Posters appear across the country; $33,000 reward offered for information on those still alive. But not too late! Operation Last Chance II' kicked off Tuesday. Six million European Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust. BERLIN - "Wanted" posters have been tacked up across Germany by Nazi hunters who say there are war criminals out there who continue to escape justice almost seven decades after the end of World War II.
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Science Channel segment

Worked with Dave Falcone to produce 30 segments about cool careers in STEM fields for the Science Channel's, HEAD RUSH. The show is part of an Obama administration initiative to promote interest science, technology, engineering and math among children.

America's Voice

America's Voice is an advocacy organization dedicated to promoting comprehensive immigration policy reform. I worked with them to produce a series of short video editorials on the issue.

Uptown Voters Face Broken Scanning Machines and Confusion While Voting

Voters faced a torrent of problems when trying to vote uptown Tuesday morning, but none of the problems appeared related to Hurricane Sandy’s recovery effort throughout the city. Reports of broken scanning machines were widespread uptown, where voters were told they would have to place their paper ballots in ballot boxes.
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Syrians welcome U.S. help, but they want big guns

Syrian rebels, desperate for arms, said they are grateful to the United States for jumping into the fray as the Assad regime continues its steady stream of victories against opposition forces. "We hope that arming us results in us immediately resisting the assaults of the regime and Hezbollah militia on civilian areas," said Louai Mikdad, a Free Syrian Army spokesman based in Turkey.
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Catherine Featherston

As a reporter and producer, I have covered international news from Berlin, Germany, national politics and policy reform from Washington, D.C. and local stories in New York City. Over the years I've interviewed a broad range of people including business leaders, politicians, policy experts, scientists, artists and academics.

My print work has appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, The Washington Times, APM Health Europe,, and The New York City News Service.

Television credits include Segment Producer for the Science Channel series Head Rush; Coordinating Producer for the live-to-tape studio show Smithsonian Spotlight and the PBS series Think Tank; Associate Producer and Researcher on two independent documentaries: The Morgan Lacrosse Story and Broke: The New American Dream. I've worked as Line Producer on shoots across the U.S., in Europe and South America.



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